Kojima at EuroGamer

Hideo Kojima will be attending the EuroGamer Expo today and will be hosting one of the developer sessions. After his spectacular presentation of the new FOX engine in this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Kojima-san will come to the show to continue the celebration of the 25 year anniversary of the Metal Gear saga.

To celebrate the occasion, EuroGamer asked their readers to send in questions regarding the 25 years of Metal Gear history, and Hideo Kojima himself will be answering as many as he can. Kojima-san will also have a surprise up his sleeve for all those lucky enough to attend the show!

But of course, we could not celebrate the 25th anniversary without paying tribute to all the games that have made part of this epic saga. So for all our fans, we will be bringing playable versions of all our games to the Retro gaming area of the EuroGamer Expo, including full versions of the original Metal Gear on MSX and Snake’s Revenge on NES. Our fans will also be able to revisit the all time favourites Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, 3 & 4.

Be sure to also tune in to this year’s BAFTA Annual Speech, where Hideo Kojima will continue to celebrate Metal Gear’s 25th Anniversary alongside industry giants such as Will Wright and Peter Molyneux.